Tichina Arnold puts husband Rico Hines on blast for sex tapes with another woman


Tichina Arnold, most famous for her hilarious roles on “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Martin” went volcanic on her husband, Rico Hines, of three years after she found a sex tape of him having sex with various women

Arnold put her husband, an assistant coach at St. John’s in New York, on full furnace blast with a nuclear text to all of his friends and family, raging: “It’s over between Rico and I. This is where I part ways and all bets are off.”

The hot flames flickering in her soul morphed into an inferno when Arnold told all the people he’s been banging scores of women — often going at it raw — and she has a sex tape to prove it.

“I can’t for the life of me understand why Rico would video himself f—ing ‘raw dog’ ONE of his MANY extraneous whores that ‘trick’ on him for his money.”

The missiles kept flying because Arnold named all 20 of Rico jump-offs who she labels “extraneous Kim Kardashian wanna be’s.”

Arnold vowed to get tested out of concern that hubbie Hines may have transmitted an STD from one of his bevy of side chicks.

Hines tried to douse the flames when he talked to tmz.com, saying, “This is a private and deeply personal matter between my wife and me, and I do not want to comment any further at this time.”



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