Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Despite insurmountable odds Detroiters, along with citizens all over the country, are steadily buying up all the lotto tickets in sight. With the Powerball now reaching 1.4 billion dollars after no winner was drawn this weekend, the question remains when will some lucky ticket holder strike that green-gold and when they do just how big of a pot are they looking to score?

The current odds are set at roughly 292,201,338.00 to 1 which means the chances of a single winner is the definition of defypowerballing the odds. However do not be deterred, Michigan has had 616,818 lotto winners to date and even today 3 winning tickets were sold at the Pilot Travel Center in Dexter, a Speedway in Holland and at a Meijer in Rochester Hills — making three Michigan residents $1 million richer!

So keep your head up, your fingers crossed and your eyes on the prize Detroiters the odds maybe huge but as history has shown us Michiganders can hit it big if you keep playing and court Lady Luck to be on your side.

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