It’s cold outside: Tumaini Center keeps doors open for homeless


 Sources from Neighborhood Service Organization can provide commentary on chronic homelessness in metro Detroit and available resources

As temperatures continue to drop, Neighborhood Service Organization’s Tumaini Center at 3430 Third Ave., in Detroit will continue to become more crowded as it seeks to bring the homeless, who have nowhere else to turn, indoors. The facility is one of the sole homeless and social services centers that Detroit’s destitute can access 24/7/365.


Especially important during the cold winter months, the Tumaini Center offers homeless individuals, including those with substance and behavioral problems, a safe haven. At the center, consumers can shower, rest and begin to restore their lives through crisis support services, such as substance abuse treatment, mental health assessments and referrals, case management, basic health care, emergency food and clean clothing.

The facility also is home to the Road Home, a unique mobile outreach program that makes direct contact with homeless individuals living on the street. Regularly joining the Road Home team are medical student participants from Wayne State University’s Street Medicine Detroit, a partner of the organization that provides medical services to homeless people by going where they live.

David Tinsley, Operations Manager, NSO’s Tumaini Center explained that while studies have shown the number of homeless individuals in Detroit has decreased, it is estimated that there are still more than 15,000 who are currently living on the streets. These individuals include those suffering from untreated mental illness, veterans and many others.

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