Cricket Wireless awards $1,000 to Key Elementary school


Funds will keep positivity programs moving forward in communities across the country

Every day, people are bombarded with stories about how schools are failing children or how kids are engaging in negative behavior. Cricket’s “Go Positive” campaign is shedding light on the organizations that make sure kids are doing positive things at school every day – organizations that go largely unnoticed but provide a great service to our communities.  Sixteen winning schools nationwide will be awarded $1,000 to continue their work to spread “positivity” among students.

Cricket received more than 500 nominations during the campaign from teachers, parents and community members across the country. The nominations recognized programs that support character development and leadership skills, improve literacy to provide strong foundations, teach integrity and perseverance, empower young adults and build self-esteem, and encourage positive behavior amongst students.

“As I read through these nominations, I was so moved by this outpouring of community support,” said family/lifestyle expert and “Go Positive” judge, Daisy Teh from

Teh continued, “I am so proud to be a part of Cricket’s ‘Go Positive’ campaign.  Together, we have helped recognize the many deserving schools and amazing programs made possible by faculty, teachers and parents that give students something to smile about every day.”


Below is the list of winning programs:


Atlanta, GA

·        Page Turners Make Great Learners Literacy Program at Love T. Nolan Elementary

·        Pearl and Young Knights Mentoring Organization for Exceptional Students at West Clayton Elementary School

·        Senior Academy Homecoming Week at Drew Charter School Senior Academy

Dallas, TX

·        Alliance Support Program at Barbara Cardwell Career Preparatory Center

·        Chancellor Jackie Fagan for numerous programs at Cedar Hill Collegiate High School

·        Robotics Program at Brandenburg Intermediate School

Chicago, IL

·        Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) at River Trail Elementary

·        The Elite Program for student mentoring at Jones College Prep

·        Step Up Girls Program at Munchin College Prep

Bay Area, CA

·        Dad’s Club at Otis Elementary

Riverside, CA

·        ASB Motivational Group at Jurupa Middle School

San Antonio, TX

·        Safety Patrols, Eagle Stomp and Eagle Choir at Jerry Allen Elementary

Houston, TX

·        Girls Rock After School Program at South Mayd Elementary

Detroit, MI

·        Band Program at Key Elementary

Las Vegas, NV

·        Drama Kids Program at Somerset Academy: Lossee Campus

Pittsburgh, PA

·        SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) at Charleroi High School

To find out more about the “Go Positive” campaign, as well as other Cricket news and information, visit the new Cricket Wireless Newsroom.


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