Food Review: Public House

Pubic House BrunchThis beautiful fall day, I was in search of some great brunch. Due to running errands on the west side of town, and looking through tasty food pics on Instagram, I decided to give the Public House in Ferndale, Michigan a try.
Feeling a bit anxious and tense due to being in constant motion this Saturday, I was instantly calmed by the scenery. Taking a seat towards the bar, I heard music playing.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Knowing for sure that the sounds were not coming from an I-Pod music device, instantly, I smiled at the object to the right of the bar on the shelf due to it taking me back to my childhood days. Yes people, the sound of real music was being played on a record player.
Chatting with the bartender, I was informed that on certain days of the week, customers are allowed to bring albums from their personal collections to be played while they eat. Thinking to myself, “how cool is that and could it possibly get any better?” hopefully the food would complement the scenery along with various vinyls played.
Deciding on what to start off with, I selected what caught my eye on social media, “The Waffle of the Week.” Topped off with walnuts and applesauce, I took a few bites and put it to the side for later. It was indeed tasty yet, I was saving room my next selection. We’ve all heard of “Green Eggs and Ham” however, “Purple Eggs” are indeed a rarity.
Skeptical of trying the “Salmon Toast and Pickled Eggs,” in this case, “Slightly Colored Violet Eggs” prior to opening my mouth for the first bite, I thought to myself, “what have you gotten yourself into?” My response, something delightful.  The salmon cream cheese combination was a pure delight and did not take long for me to devour it all.
Almost full however, not quite there, I decided to order one more thing on the brunch menu prior to throwing in the towel.  Forgive me for not remembering the name of this entrée yet the picture below says it all. Consisting of beef brisket, red skin potatoes topped off with sunny side up eggs and sliced scallions, I had never tasted something so mouthwatering. In fact, the only thing better was the opportunity to eat all three together due to how it was served.
People if you haven’t gone to the Public House in Ferndale my only question is what are you waiting for?  Although there are several more weeks left in the year 2015 thus so far, they’ve got “The Food Lady’s” vote for best brunch in the south-east region of Michigan.


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