‘Selling It: In the ATL’ viewing party at T.I.’s restaurant Scales 925

ATLANTA — Three major players of the newest hit reality show, WE tv’s “Selling It: In the ATL” were posted up strong at T.I. brand new restaurant in downtown Atlanta for the viewing of the inaugural episode.
Formerly the exclusive bastion of testosterone, the real estate market in the ATL has some major female players who are taking over the game. Seven of them are featured in “Selling It,” including A’lana, who has sold homes to T.I., Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry and got temporary homes for the likes of Samuel Jackson and Jim Carrey when they had movie projects in the metro area.
The two others parked in the spot included Sarah Lowe, who bills herself the broker to the Buckhead aristocrats, the powerful and influential in the Atlanta and Georgia scene. The third was Chrishena Stanley, the “empire builder” who is also unique in the show because she employs her own mother who once taught her how to thrive in the game.
Take a look at the photographic highlights from the “Selling It: In the ATL” viewing party at Scales 925.


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