Student scores to directly impact teacher evaluations

images_BLACK_STUDENT-400Student test scores will now be considered upon evaluation of public and charter school teachers across the state.
The new change is apart of the Michigan House’s new framework for education reform, the bill was passed in a 97-9 vote, and is effective immediately and in full effect for this current school year.
“The House has included additional language that will make certain teachers, principals and superintendents are all familiar with and trained in their district’s evaluation methods,” said Rep. Daniela Garcia, R-Holland in a statement.
In 2011, the tenure rules where overhauled and this latest bill is considered a continuation of efforts to help improve education in the state.
The evaluation composition will change in the 2017-18 school year. In that year, students test scores and growth will make up 40 percent of a teacher’s evaluation instead of the current 25 percent.
According to lawmakers, the goal of the new bill is to implement a less evasive incentive for teachers to ensure that learning is occurring in the classroom
“The bottom line is the success of our students,” said Garcia. “Under this legislation, school districts will have the flexibility to decide on their own evaluation standards to meet that goal.”


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