Young Chop gets into brawl with security during A3C Conference (video)

young chop2
ATLANTA — Young Chop’s performance during the A3C Festival and Conference turned into a brawl with security Thursday night after the rising rapper called out a specific guard during the show, saying “y’all b— a– -security need to stop it.”
Apparently, the two of them had been going back and forth for a while, but only the portion seconds before Chop was punched was filmed. After the guard and Chop began fighting, the producers whole crew got involved in the fight.
Chop addressed the incident on Instagram shortly thereafter.
“As you can see in the video, people — the security ran up on me. I didn’t run up on the security, I just called him a b—. You wanna know why I called him a b—? He disrespected me as a man, and I tend to take that offensive[ly]”.
The producer alleges that the security was disrespecting Chop during the entire evening, “hating the whole night,” though no one confirmed as of yet what words was exchanged.
Take a look at the video, via WorldStarHipHop (Warning: very strong language)
Photos: Young Chop Instagram

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