How to make your weight loss goals more successful

MichiganChroniclepicture1According to a Gallup poll, 51 percent of American adults want to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people are not satisfied with their weight loss. But no matter who you are, you can be more successful at reaching your weight loss goals.
How? By attaining and acting on the right knowledge, your weight loss efforts will be more effective. There are three areas within your body where you can lose weight: water, muscle and fat.
This is important to know because where you lose weight will determine how your appearance changes and how you feel overall. How can you control whether you lose water, muscle or fat? The answer is in the details of your exercise and nutritional program. For example, what you eat, when you eat, how you exercise, and when you exercise all play a major role in whether you lose water, muscle or fat.
Who was more successful with their weight loss? Imagine the fictitious characters of Josh, Jim and April. Josh lost 105 pounds, Jim lost 35 pounds, and April lost 63 pounds. Specifically, of the 105 pounds Josh managed to shed, 85 pounds of that was water. Of the 35 pounds lost by Jim, all of it was fat. April lost 63 pounds, but 54 pounds of that was muscle.
It is important to understand that all weight loss is not equal. So then how do you determine success? Your main goal should be to lose mostly fat, not water or muscle.
With this being the case, which person had the most successful weight loss between Josh, Jim and April? Actually, the person who lost the least overall amount of weight was the most successful, and that person is Jim because he lost more fat.
Again, the majority of your weight loss should come from fat. After the fat loss you want to lose excess water, but you always want to keep your muscle intact. Keep in mind that without muscle, you would not be able to move. And it is your muscle that gives your body an attractive shape. By contrast, excess water makes you look bloated and swollen, while excess fat makes you chubby and out of shape.
Which form of weight loss is fastest? Usually when you lose weight really fast, the majority of it is water and muscle. Therefore it is smart to spread your weight loss over a reasonable span of time, and don’t try to lose an excessive amount of pounds per week.
How can you make your weight loss goals more successful? Again, always remember that all weight loss is not equal. By understanding this fact, you will know exactly where you are striving to lose weight, and you will ensure that the nutritional and exercise plan you are following is helping you accomplish majority fat loss and not muscle loss. Also, at a distant second, you want to lose excess water.
By approaching your weight loss in this manner, you will be much more successful than losing weight haphazardly. This approach is what is known as strategic weight loss.
Rich and Karla Walker are success coaches based in Detroit.


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