Universal Music Day: Motown Museum free for children

motownIn celebration of Universal Music Day, Motown Museum will be admitting all kids under the age of 12 for free this Saturday.
Motown Museum chairwoman and CEO Robin Terry made the announcement public today.
“A significant part of the Motown legacy is how the Motown Sound had the unique ability to transcend barriers and connect individuals from all walks of life,” said Terry. “Motown Museum is dedicated to educating youth, our local community, and visitors from around the world, about the Motown story as one of the greatest examples of how music and art can have a profound impact on society.
Universal Music Day is a day dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people everywhere to join together and celebrate the powerful impact of music.
In an effort to celebrate this day and promote awareness of the deep cultural, educational and worldwide importance of music within society, the Museum will waive the $8 admission charge for all children ages 12 and younger.
“We hope that local families will take the opportunity to visit the Museum in honor of Universal Music Day and share a memorable experience where history was made,” she said.
For more information on Motown Museum, including hours of operation, visit https://www.motownmuseum.org.


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