Black students: How to prepare for college exams

here you goPerforming well on college entry exams can give one’s school application takes preparation and the right tools.
Students need to take personal initiative when prepping for these crucial tests, here are some effective ways to get ready for the big day.
Effective Studying
When having a tough time in a particular course in school, seek extra help. High schools often offer tutoring sessions prior to the exam to help students who need some extra review. Preparation books are a resemblance of the actual test and are frequently available at libraries and bookstores.
Forming good study habits are key for academic achievement and will come in handy in college. Be sure to have a quiet area to study, free of distractions like television and social media.
Prepare a practical study schedule. When preparing a schedule consider school assignments, home chores and other plans to avoid disruptions.
Testing Tools
It’s important to have the authorized tools each test calls for before siting down to take the test. Some questions in the math sections of the SAT can’t be solved without a scientific or graphing calculator.
The Casio’s CLASSWIZ fx-991EX is the first scientific calculator to feature a spreadsheet function. This calculator allows users to create spreadsheets with up to five columns and 45 rows. It also has the ability to convert graphs into QR codes, which can easily be displayed on a projector screen, permitting students to work effortlessly with their test prep tutor.
Deeper Understanding
Memorizing materials for an exam doesn’t always cut it. A competitive edge is gained with true comprehension.
Check out books and magazines on a wide range of subjects. Learning new words in a real-world context will happen naturally and will not feel like work.
There are a ton of fun math programs available on-line. The more practice, the easier it is to retain formulas to memory.
Test Day
The night before the test make sure to get a good nights rest and avoid cramming.
Students should arrive at the test site, well-rested and well-fed. Fatigue or an empty stomach will prove as a distraction. For a morning boost, consider nudging the brain into action over breakfast with Omega 3’s, antioxidants, Vitamin C and a challenging article or math problem.
College entrance exams can considerably impact entry into the college of choice. Every step taken to prepare can help to ensure a maximum score.

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