“Black Lives Matter” written thousands of times by artist in Detroit

IMG_1363It is no secret that the Black Lives Matter campaign has caused some controversy nation wide.

Miami-based artist, Renda Writer, said he believes his latest public art display on the backside of N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit should silence critics of the social injustice related mantra.

“I am not really sure why people’s reaction to “Black Lives Matter” is “All Lives Matter” – it really makes no sense,” said Writer. “To be honest it is puzzling and offensive to act as if brutality and the lives of blacks haven’t been under attacked as of late.”

Writer spent time prior to his visit to Detroit writing the words “Love is a risk. Do it anyway,” more than 500,000 times at the N’Namdi family gallery in Miami.

“I really just had favor on my side when it comes to how I ended up here in Detroit,” said Writer, “I did a mural down in Miami for the son of the owner of this place (N’Namdi Center) and expressed interest in traveling while doing art – he granted me the chance and I am so happy about it.”

Writer said he doesn’t know exactly how many times he wrote the words “Black Lives Matter,” but said his work is something he is proud of and hopes it sheds light on the importance of social justice.

“Black lives matter – that’s the truth,” said Writer. ““What color was Trayvon Martin? What color was Freddie Gray? What color was Michael Brown? These people are dead because of the color of their skin.”

Writer insists there is no controversy to be had about his objective.

“It’s not saying that other lives don’t matter. It’s not saying kill cops. It’s just a message that says, ‘Black lives matter.’”


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