Detroit Enterprise Academy teachers to dress like Bruno Mars to welcome students back

bruno_mars_december-2012Who says school can’t be fun?
Students at Detroit Enterprise Academy (DEA) will see a lot of black and white when they return to school on Tuesday, Sept. 8.
The entire faculty is going to dress up in the classic Bruno Mars attire to show their school
unity to student and parents. The school’s theme for this year is “I believe in DEA, and if you don’t believe me just watch!”
The first day will also be the kick off for a uniform change for the school’s senior students in the eighth grade. All eighth graders will wear navy blue blazers as part of their uniform this year. The school focuses on being college and career ready, so the uniform enhancement helps reinforce the culture of excellence.
The first day of school is an exciting time for students as they reconnect with friends, meet their new teachers, and return to the school routine. Along with returning to their academics, the students will also continue to grow from the school¹s unique Moral Focus curriculum.
Detroit Enterprise Academy is a free public charter school serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth.

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