‘Married to Medicine’ star arrested for beating husband with a spoon, stabbing herself

married to medicine

A star of “Married to Medicine” will no longer be married after a fracas at her home where she beats her husband with a spoon and her fists before slicing herself with a knife.

Jill Connors was seemingly caught red-handed when her husband, Dr. John Connors, saw text messages on her phone from another man and confronted her about them.

According to the police report, John said if she was cheating he’d take the kids.

The husband said the threat of taking the children set Jill Connors off and she struck him in the face with a spoon and then started slugging him. He says she ripped his shirt off and scratched his chest.

Here’s where it gets interesting — and chilling as well as scary. According to John Connors, his wife then took a kitchen knife and started cutting herself in the arm and chest, screaming, “He’s cutting me!” in an effort to make it appear to authorities that he was attacking her, tmz.com reports.

The devious ploy backfired in Jill Connor’s face. After John Connors summoned the police to their home, the wife finally confessed, saying, “I hit him, I started it, I know.” However, she still tried to pin her knife wounds on her husband, but the authorities on the scene quickly dissected her conflicting accounts of what happened and found her far from being credible. Subsequently, they slapped the cuffs on her and hauled her off to jail.

Jill Connors was arrested for domestic violence and, since the kids were watching, cruelty to children. The wife filed for divorce on the 19th.


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