DOC to take Detroit teens on trip of a lifetime

groupofstudents-e1359494542702The Downtown Outreach Corporation is a non-profit organization engaged in partnership with Second Baptist Church of Detroit to  build  a stronger community in the heart of Detroit.  DOC  is working diligently to prepare Detroit area youth for positive and great futures.  The organization operates on the premise that  innovative programs, compelling experiences and unwavering support will allow local youth  to flourish and take their places as the next generation of leaders, strengthening our city, our state and our nation.  

DOC organizers are confident  that every child can be a hero and part of the organization’s mission is to ensure that youth not only build self-esteem, but that they also have the skills and experiences necessary to succeed.  Over the past three years, DOC workshops and retreats have created programs and opportunities to learn about  nutrition, resume writing, interviewing skills, basic home economics, exercise, self-defense, suicide prevention, stress relief, and cyber bullying. The  success of those well received  programs inspired DOC leaders to expand the scope of service  to include more comprehensive activities for young people. The organization is pursuing an aggressive 2015-2016 program agenda  to  ensure that Detroit teens are prepared to compete on national and global stages. To that end, DOC  participants will travel  to Italy, France and England in the summer of 2016 for some very intense learning and truly life changing experiences.

DOC  intends  to travel with kids in the Detroit community and challenge them to explore and imagine, while creating a life-long love of discovery. Traveling provides a sense of new cultures, a chance to taste foreign foods, hear different languages, learn and make more tangible their history lessons, see unique architecture and more.  It creates a learning environment unlike any other.  Children spend so much of their time in the structure and confinement of a traditional classroom. Through travel they can explore whatever captures their attention .  Research has shown that when children travel they gain a new perspective about their place in the world.  They learn flexibility and etiquette.  They build confidence by trying new things and meeting new people.  They learn to navigate, recalculate, share, bond, develop patience, and become immersed in history. They learn to put down the electronics and look out of the window. The best part is that all of these lessons transfer to other areas of their lives.

DOC  also needs help spreading the word about our efforts. Please share what you learned about this effort with friends, family and contacts. When you do, ask them to consider a donation (every donation helps no matter the size) and then to share it with their contacts—as many as possible.  It is also very  helpful if the information below is shared via Facebook, Twitter or other social media. We would like to get this positive word about Detroit out across the country!

DOC is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. There are more details about our Youth Group (accomplishments, goals and photos) on the Go Fund Me page and the Downtown Outreach Corporation Facebook page (links below).  Please log on, post, take a look, give us a few “likes,” and hopefully (please) make a donation while you are there.  Every donation will make a difference!

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