Donnie McClurkin to lead free Friday Night Worship in Detroit

donnieNow, more than ever, I feel my greatest strengths and calling lay in pastoral ministry. It’s my very existence and my greatest joy as I continue to advance the Kingdom of God by representing love, compassion, hope, and holiness as a means to win lost souls back to Jesus Christ,” Pastor Donnie McClurkin
Donnie McClurkin, three-time Grammy Award-winning international gospel recording star, who also serves as senior pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, will lead a special night of preaching, worship, praise, and singing on Friday, August 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Third New Hope Baptist Church. The church is located at 12850 Plymouth Rd. (at Steel St.) in Detroit, where Dr. E.L. Branch serves as senior pastor. The event, “Friday Night Worship with Pastor Donnie McClurkin,” is free to the public.
During a recent phone interview, McClurkin said he’s looking forward to coming to Detroit and expects the night of worship to be “electrifying. “ “It’s going to be a special night of preaching, a special night of ministry, and a special night of singing,” he said. “It’s going to be a special night of downhome worship and praise.”
McClurkin added that his church’s motto of “Ministry Means People” will be an important element to what he brings to Third New Hope. “Ministry really does mean people and it’s essential that I bring people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ,” McClurkin said. “It essential that I minister to everything that goes along with people, which is the hurt, the brokenness, the struggles, as well as the successes that people experience.”
McClurkin is no stranger to the city of Detroit. For more than a decade, he served as an assistant to Pastor Marvin L. Winans at Perfecting Church on Detroit’s east side. After being ordained, McClurkin, in 2001, was sent to New York by Winans to establish Perfecting Faith Church. Since its inception, the church has grown from about 200 members to more than 3,000.
Additionally, as a writer, producer, singer and recording artist, McClurkin has been powerful in growing his music ministry to draw people closer to God. While he has won numerous gospel awards throughout his career, inclusive of Grammies, Doves, Stellars, and NAACP Image honors for such songs as “Stand” and “We Fall Down,” he admits that he is more comfortable behind the pulpit peaching and teaching the word of God.
Yet, he said he is appreciative of the far reach and impact that his music ministry has had to help advance God’s Kingdom. “My music being heard globally is more impressive than all the awards,” he said. “For my music to go across the waters, into other countries, and be sang in different languages is amazing. That lets me know that my ministry is circling the globe.”
McClurkin said that he is looking forward to releasing new music soon. “I’m currently writing new songs and music for a live recording for August 22 at our home church. The live recording will be released in September on RCA Records,” McClurkin revealed. “It’s going to be a wonderful. Third New Hope will get to hear a little bit of the new music at the Friday Night Worship.”
On the “Friday Night Worship with Pastor Donnie McClurkin,” the pastor concluded that, “Those who attend can expect the quintessential Donnie McClurkin,” said McClurkin. “They will experience not just the preaching, or not just the singing, as I usually do just one or the other. However, lately I’ve been preaching and singing at the same time. So worshipers will experience the totality of Donnie McClurkin. I’m excited about Friday Night Worship at Third New Hope!”
For more information about the “Friday Night of Worship with Pastor Donnie McClurkin” which is free to the public, as well as other worship services and events at Third New Hope Baptist Church’s three campuses, call 313.491.7890 or log on to

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