Greatness The One clothing brand to expand with support

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.49.30 PMWhen ​A. ​Grant Henderson created his own fashion line, he didn’t just envision a line of shirts, ​he wanted ​to start ​a movement to inspire the masses.
Greatness The One clothing line ​is ​fast ​becom​ing​ a staple in the Metro Detroit area, as Henderson ​fuses fashion ​and motiva​t​​ion to help​ individuals find their greatness.
“I have always been into fashion, and the idea has always been a part of me,” said Henderson, the son of ​Felecia Henderson and ​the late ​Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist​ and WCHB talk-show host, Angelo​ B.​ Henderson​. “I wanted to design something that was different​ ​but with a message to push people to be successful.”
Greatness The One​ ​– — ​offers a collection of shirts that varies from ​short and ​long sleeve to crop tops and glow in the dark designs​, ranging from​ $​1​5 ​to $​2​5. In the coming months, the clothing line will expand to hooded sweatshirts, jogging pants and hats.
“I’m trying to start a brand revolution,” ​said 21-year-old Henderson, a.k.a. Greatness. “We are in the Metro Detroit area now, but I want to expand to New York, Chicago and eventually internationally.”
​Currently the Greatness The One​ brand is in the midst of Kickstarter campaign ( to raise $6,500 to create its own in-house production system. The deadline to reach the goal is Friday, Aug. 15. It’s an all or nothing proposition. ​
“If we don’t hit the $6,500 target, we won’t get any of the money we’ve raised,” said Henderson, whose studying marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. “The in-house production system is vital because it will allow me to purchase a screen printing machine, get startup supplies and control the printing costs.”
One of the many inspirations for Greatness The One is a music artist ​who isn’t afraid of giving his ​opinion​ while staying true to himself.
“My favorite artist Kanye West is a big influence because he inspires people to push the limit, not just in music but in general,” Henderson said. “He encourages people to just be themselves​,​ and that is one the messages that I’m promoting with Greatness The One.”


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