Detroit Production of ‘Can’t Quiet My Soul’ Slated for Release

Weeping-WomanDetroit musician/producer Drew “Kid Motown” Schultz is co-producing a song written by Larry Buford titled ‘Can’t Quiet My Soul’ (CQMS) featuring the recording debut of talented singer Stephanie Glover.

The mid-tempo tune produced in the Motown music genre is being offered in support of those – particularly mothers – who have lost loved ones to senseless violence. The tentative release date is intended to coincide with the first year anniversary of the Ferguson incident where unarmed Michael Brown was killed by police August 9, 2014.
As executive producer, Buford also called upon personal friend and former Motown producer/songwriter Greg Wright to contribute to the project.
The song is to be featured in a proposed TV production of the same title to be aired on local Detroit TV channels and on YouTube. The show will be a forum for those who’ve lost loved ones to violence to tell their stories.
Buford says, “In light of all the recent tragedies due to gun violence, Congress still won’t move on the proposed gun control initiatives that are favored by over 90 percent of Americans. Where politicians have failed, perhaps music will help bring about a change so desperately needed. America needs a heart change.”
Musicians involved in the project have volunteered their time and talent for the most part for what they feel is a worthy cause.
Buford added, “I would love for this Motown-genre song to debut on a Detroit radio station like WJLB.”
CQMS will be released on Avalor Records and controlled by DerShawn Music Publishers.
For further details please contact Larry Buford at (213) 220-8101 or e-mail:

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