Keri Hilson gets dragged taking Maya Angelou’s quote and claiming it as her own

Either singer Keri Hilson has the words “beat me” stenciled across her grill or she is masochistic and enjoys a good social media pummeling at regular intervals.
Social media’s favorite whipping girl has fallen into the crosshairs of angry cyberspace snipers — once again — after claiming that people were stealing her “original” quote. Hilson’s attempt to monopolize a paraphrased version of the legendary quote that originally derived from the venerated poet Maya Angelou was quickly uncovered, courtesy of Baller Alert:
TheGoodQuote did some fact finding and found the late, legendary quote that Angelou mined the timeless words from her brilliant mind. And then TheGoodQuote exposed Hilson for her hypocrisy and for trying to pirate someone else :
TheGoodQuote gave props the Baller Alert for uncovering the quote caper Hilson. And social media dragged Hilson through cyberspace for her arrogant and ignorant indiscretion. Take a look:


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