MI Healthy Mind TV program spotlights solutions to help greater community

Health Mind TVWellness begins in the mind and talking about it is a powerful tool, according to Elizabeth Atkins and Michael Hunter, both of whom co-host the relatively new television talk show, MI Healthy Mind.  The program airs on Sundays at 12 noon on WMYD- TV 20 Detroit.
No topic is taboo, as both Atkins and Hunter navigate through helpful dialogue with       on-air guests who have experienced and triumphed from various situations.  Additionally the two interview guests who are content/topic experts and offer pathways leading to victory.  Some of the program’s topics and issues of note, since its debut on April 5, 2015, have been on mental health concerns and other heavy weight topics, such as drug addiction, suicide, human trafficking, racial identity, and more.  MI Healthy Mind’s goal is to “Break taboos, celebrate triumphs!”
Sponsored by Team Wellness Center, the program, according to Atkins, is gaining more and more viewers each week.  “We’re shining a spotlight on stigmatized subjects with real people whose triumphant stories will inspire you,” Atkins said.  “At the same time, our experts give viewers the tools to change their lives.”
Since 2002, Team Wellness Center has provided services and care to adults with substance abuse problems and other severe and chronic mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, severe depression and anxiety.  Its two clinics in southeast Michigan serve more than 5,000 people each year by offering social work support, peer support, housing & employment assistance, and an array of other comprehensive behavioral, primary health and social services.
In addition to his role as co-host, Hunter, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is Team Wellness Center’s chief administrative officer and chief information officer.  He has served in the executive roles with the organization for 10 years.   Hunter is a former radio DJ and holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources management and an MBA degree, both from Baker College.  He is currently working on a Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration from Capella University.
Atkins, who was born in Saginaw but raised in Metro Detroit, aside from her co-hosting role is Team Wellness Center’s marketing director.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.   Atkins has worked as a writer for Fox 2 News and the Detroit News.  She is an accomplished actress and author who has penned 14 books.
Both Atkins and Hunter bring a high level of energy, creativity and professionalism to MI Healthy Mind.  “We want to think outside the box to help the community that we serve,” said Hunter.  “There are so many people that don’t know about mental healthcare and delivery models.  That’s why I suggested that we do a talk show.”
“We cover a lot of topics, but the show’s main thrust is talking about taboo topics,” said Atkins.  “People usually don’t want to talk about having drugs addictions or considering suicide or being bi-polar.  So our television program is a valuable tool to get people talking about taboo topics and offering ways for people to seek help.  Our motto on MI Healthy Mind is:  “Let’s talk about it!”
According to both Hunter and Atkins, the program has gotten excellent reviews.  As the word continues to spread via mouth, social media and on other media platforms, Hunter and Atkins like the way the program is shaping up.  “So far, so good,” said Hunter with a smile.  “It’s been great and I really enjoy the impact that we are having in making a difference as we discuss various taboo topics.”
“I’ve been in the seat of being interviewed by Montel Williams and Oprah Winfrey,” said Atkins.  “Now I’m in the seat of interviewing others and it’s been a wonderful experience.  Michael and I work very well together.”
On the program’s future.  “We want to expand our viewership, possibly through syndication,” said Hunter.   “We want to grow because the issues and topics that we discuss on the show are universal issues and topics for all people.”
Atkins concluded.  “We want to keep having great stories of how people were triumphant over something, not so much as how something crushed them,” she said.  “We want to reach very vulnerable people to give them the resources, and encourage them to seek help and to help others.  We want people to tune in and learn!”
For more information about TV 20’s MI Healthy Mind, log on to www.mihealthymind.com.  Viewers interested in suggesting topics for future programs or have questions about issues/topics can send them via email to listening@mihealthymind.com or mail them to 921 Howard St., Dearborn, MI  48124 or call 313.274.3700.
For more information on Team Wellness Center, log on to www.teamwellnesscenter.com, or call one of its two locations:  Eastern Market Clinic & Pathways to Supportive Employment Program (313.396.5300 – Crisis Line:  313.258.3842) or Southgate Clinic (313.274.3700 – Crisis Line:  313.258.4758).


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