Miss. authorities probe death of Black Confederate Flag supporter

Anthony Hervey

Authorities in Mississippi are investigating a car crash that killed an outspoken supporter of the Confederate flag.

Anthony Hervey, 49, the author of “Why I wave the Confederate Flag: Written by a Black Man,” died on Sunday while returning home to Oxford, Mississippi, from a Confederate flag rally in Alabama, reported WMCA.

A companion in Hervey’s car told Mississippi investigators he swerved on a state highway to avoid another vehicle that had pulled alongside them, according to the New York Times.

The companion, who was not badly injured in the crash, said Hervey yelled something at the people in the other car, which then drove to the passenger side of their vehicle.

Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger newspaper said the companion told investigators it appeared they were being chased. The SUV eventually veered off the road and rolled several times, according to the reports.

Hervey died of injuries sustained in the wreck.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol said the accident was under investigation.

Racial and cultural tensions have peaked in South Carolina and other cities since nine African-Americans were killed in a historic Charleston church by a white gunman who championed the Confederate flag.

The South Carolina state legislature subsequently voted to remove the flag from the State House grounds, where it had flown since 1961.

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