Atlanta teacher kidnapped, murdered by husband’s girlfriend

Sandra Barnett (L) who taught kids with special needs, and Lisa Brown (R) are both dead.
Sandra Barnett (L) and Lisa Brown (R) are both dead.


At the end of a high-speed chase that began in the state of Georgia and ended in Alabama, police found two women dead.  One of them, a 49-year old McNair Middle School teacher named Sandra Barnett, had been kidnapped by the other, a woman named Lisa Brown, who was the mistress of the teacher’s husband.

According to authorities, Brown killed the teacher before turning the gun on herself.

Police report the incident started Wednesday afternoon, when neighbors grew suspicious after Barnett had mentioned concern about someone trying to break into her home and they noticed a black Dodge Durango they hadn’t seen before.

As it turns out, they had every reason to be. 

Clayton County police say the girlfriend of Barnett’s husband was the kidnapper. A report mentions they saw the Durango at a stop on I-20 and began to chase the suspect. The chase crossed state lines, at which point the police in Alabama joined in.

The car suddenly stopped upon passing mile market 208, which is when Brown reached into the back of the car and shot Burnett dead. She then turned the gun onto herself. Police arrived on the scene to find both women dead.

Sandra Barnett
Sandra Barnett

Our prayers go out to the family and victims of this tragic incident.


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