Tamia on 20 Year Musical Career: ‘I Want A Grammy’


Tamia (Hill) has found success in what many consider the three key aspects of life; career, love and family.

She is celebrating 20 years in the music industry and remains happily married to ex-NBA player Grant Hill, who she shares two daughters. Still, the 6x Grammy nominated singer/songwriter says she wants more.

Her sixth studio album, “Love Life,” dropped last month and Tamia is prepping a tour to support the album, set to kick off August 20 at Irving Plaza in NYC.

In a recent sit down with SingersRoom, the R&B veteran spoke about her new album, wanting a Grammy and having a lasting marriage (she and Grant married in 1999).

SingersRoom: So, Love Life, tell us about this new body of work!

Tamia: Love Life, sixth studio album, 20 years in the business. It is obviously a passion project; It’s a love album. It’s an album about loving life; it’s a happy album, a fun album, which is why I wanted “Sandwich and a Soda” to be the first single. It embodies the project; it is very happy, and it screams summer to me. I loved making this album, and the process was easy. It didn’t feel like work, which is always nice. I’m excited about it.

SR: So, you’re not shooting for any accolades or awards?

Tamia: I want a Grammy; I was close, and I’ve been close several times. I don’t know; I try to stay focused on the music and on the growth musically as an artist, vocally and as a woman. You try not to do things for accolades. When I do a project, I put every song on the album because I love it, and I can’t wait to perform it, not because I hope everyone else likes it. It is always nice when you get recognized, and everyone else likes it. It would be a great thing. One of these days!

SR: You and Grant Hill have been married for 15 years. Now tell me the truth. Is this album a little braggadocious knowing that you guys can sustain in a time when marriages don’t last?

Tamia: Every relationship is different. I would never be braggadocios… I do feel very blessed that I do have someone in my life who has been a great partner and certainly you can hear it on this album. I have the freedom to just sing whatever is in my heart. This album is a testament to love. Maybe I am bragging a little bit [laughs]. You can listen to the album, and you can brag to whoever you play it for.


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