Man finds $4K in chicken box, but gets insulted when he returns it

Bojangles insults man who returned money

Now if this ain’t a kick in the head.

James “JJ”  Minor of Virginia drove through the Bojangles chicken place and was preparing to eat some tasty chicken. But he was shocked when he opened the box where the meal was supposed to be and found $4,000 and some deposit slips. The money was wrapped up in a plastic bag.

No one was more surprised than Minor, when he turned his car around and drove back to the restaurant (instead of home) and went inside to ask for a manager.

He explained the situation to the manager (that he had been given the wrong box) and instead of showing gratitude and even a simple “Thank you,” what came out of the manager’s mouth must’ve made Minor wish he had acted differently.

According to a video report by News6 reporter Sandra Jones’, Minor had suspicions the find may have been part of a setup. And when he spoke with management, he said they told him, in a negative tone, that had he not returned the money they would have called police.

How ignorant. And this was coming from the store manager. SMH.

Take a look at how Minor describes the encounter in the video below.


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