‘Hell No!’ says Joe Madison on Pres. Obama apologizing for slavery (WATCH)

*A New York Times columnist has fueled the latest debate on race on CNN, which discussed whether President Barack Obama should apologize for slavery.
The column, which was written by the Times’ op-ed writer Timothy Egan, seemed to suggest that Obama should apologize for the practice of slavery. Picking up on the column, CNN’s Don Lemon brought the issue up as a debate resulted between him and Joe Madison, the host of SiriusXM radio’s “The Black Eagle” on “CNN Tonight.” In Madison’s eyes, the notion of the country’s first black president apologizing for slavery is something he has a problem with, considering the history of the practice.
“There is no way that the first African-American President should be the first President of the United States of America to apologize for an institution that was based on white supremacy,” Madison told Egan, before stating that the next white president should be the one apologize.
When asked why the race of the person matter, Madison Lemon deliberately slowed his explanation down for Lemon so as to get his point across.

“Once again, this is not an institution that was created by an African-American. If you want to talk about being really heartfelt, then it should come from those individuals whose heritage benefitted from this. This is absolutely the most absurd thing that I have ever heard.”
To see the Lemon and Madison debate, check out the video below:
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