Married to Medicine: Mavens, Moguls and Milloinaires Making Moves

married to medicine castThe women of “Married to Medicine” all look like they could have just stepped out of a photo shoot for a glamour magazine. Picturesque and photogenic, all are easy on the eyes and embody a level of sophistication and class so glaringly devoid on other shows in the reality television genre.
Each women enjoy a level of success and are as colorful and as they are educated. This will make for an intoxicating and tasty social cocktail that will get stirred up – and turned up – on the hit Bravo TV reality show that kicks off Season 3 on Sunday, June 6 at 9 p.m.
One thing that is conspicuously clear about the cast of “Married to Medicine.” These women don’t just pontificate on success or perpetrate for the cameras; they are the quintessential embodiment of success and wealth.
Their educational and professional resumes are as thick as a John Grisham novel. They are entrepreneurs and innovators, trailblazers and job-creators, inspirational speakers and barrier-busters. One cast member is planning a major medical mission with a team of doctors and technical equipment to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Another is a dentist who doubles as a relationship expert who has started a unique dating app that is like no other. A third has just written one children’s book and partners with her husband on their medical concierge business. And yet another runs her own OB-GYN clinic, while her close friend is the doctor to some of the biggest entertainers in America. And finally, one is the wife of a physician who conceived of “Married to Medicine” in the first place.
Together, they are changing the face of urban reality TV.
“There are a lot of reality shows out there. I think the difference is that you have the educated sistas on this one that know business. And I think that we can do some powerful things with our platform,” said Dr. Heavenly Kimes.
“For me, I wanted to change the landscape of reality TV,” added Lisa Nicole-Cloud, a business mogul who also happens to be married to a doctor. “I didn’t want it to be just about the drama. We are professional women, we are married women, we are mothers who do things in the community. And we wanted to show some of that.”
Take a look at the cast members of successful “Married to Medicine” TV show.
Dr. Jacqueline Walters:
Dr. Walter is an inspiration in more ways than one. Not only does she have her own medical practice, and is the doctor to the stars such as Usher, Toni Braxton and T.I., but she is a two-time breast cancer survivor who is a speaker and advocate for healthy eating and living and a proponent for advance breast cancer screening.
Dr. Simone Whitmore:
She is as beautiful as a bed of roses but, when she is crossed, her words can pierce like a rattlesnake’s bite. The owner of her own OB-GYN medical practice in suburban Atlanta, Dr. Whitmore is a successful speaker on women’s health and leadership. The mother of two teenagers and wife to her husband of 19 years, Whitmore lives life to the fullest, both at work and at play.
Toya Bush Harris:
Bush Harris is a beauty queen with eyes the color of the sunset. She will let you know up front and with out shame or hesitation: “I am the bomb wife.”
The problem is that most people stop there. They believe that she is the typical good-looking groupie or fame flunky who staked out sports arenas looking to hatch her wagon to a walking bank vault called an athlete or professional doctor.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Harris had attained both of her her college degrees, in business management and education, and worked for Fortune 500 companies before she even met her husband, a physician. She is also an author of a children’s novel, and a partner with her husband in their medical concierge business that provides medical assistance at the patient’s doorstep.
But don’t get it twisted. She knows she is all that.
“I am fine. I’m highly blessed. And I work hard to maintain this. And I’m not trying to even be cocky. So many people on this show work hard and look hard. I don’t believe in that. I believe in working hard but not to the point where you out here looking 20 years older than what you are. Get in the gym, put on a mask, get a facial, do what you got to do.”
Dr. Heavenly Kimes:
Reading her resume is exhausting: She graduated at the top of her class with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Meharry Medical College. She holds a real estate license, an insurance license, a Series 65 certification, and is a certified relationship coach. 

"Of course they will see me as a dentist and as a relationship expert with a radio show. I wanted to talk about business with my radio show and tell people about the mistakes I made and help people become successful. But when they called in, they didn’t want to talk about business. They would always ask, ‘well, Heavenly, how can you have three kids and a husband and keep your man happy?’ it’s all about balance. So I started talking about relationships on the show. And it turned into a relationship show and then I went and took it further and got certified as a certified relationship coach to tell the ladies what is wrong with their marriages."
Lisa Nicole Cloud:
Speaking to the multifaceted businesswoman in Manhattan following the New York City leg of her national Women Empowerment Network seminar, Nicole Cloud discussed her business and personal growth that will be illuminated on "Married to Medicine."
In addition to the Women's Empowerment Network, we have the Lisa Nicole Collections. You see the growth from opening a store to getting a brand ambassador, to launching our line for men," she said. I think it’s important to show the entrepreneurial spirit that is a part of this cast. 
Perhaps her most ambitious business and humanitarian venture will take place this fall. 
"My husband and I are doing a medical mission to Haiti and we are doing a team of 15 physicians to Haiti in November of this year and we are taking over $200,000 in medical supplies and been reaching to hospitals across the country to donate equipment so that the hospitals (in Haiti) have better technology to be able to treat their patients," Nicole Cloud said. "I am leveraging the platform to help people become part of the movement. To much is given, much is required. I do believe it’s important for us to bless other people."
Nicole Cloud, who was more laid back in Season 2, promises that she will fire back a few shots at those who nip at her heels. 
"I’m not a drama queen. I try to be a positive influence. I try to help out wherever I can," she says. "But there is one character, or cast mate, who likes to build her storyline on drama, came for me and made me a target. And she tried not only to attack me but she tried to attack my family and that’s just a no-fly zone for me. They didn’t ask to be on reality TV. Don't bring them into the mix," she said with an air of defiance and resolution. 



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