Council member Mary Sheffield authors resolution declaring June gun violence awareness month

52815481001_4269272302001_4269230488001-vsIn response to numerous instances of gun violence throughout Detroit and across the Country, Council Member Sheffield authored a resolution to declare June Gun Violence Awareness Month in the City of Detroit. The measure was taken up by City Council and passed unanimously on May 26, 2015. At the request of Council member Sheffield, Mayor Mike Duggan codified council’s actions with a proclamation declaring June Gun Violence Awareness Month.

“There is a proliferation of guns in our neighborhoods and too many are in the hands of criminals who terrorize our community every day. As long as one child or innocent resident of Detroit is a victim of gun violence, I must do my part to bring awareness and help find solutions,” stated Councilwoman Sheffield.

The resolution is modeled after other major cities, such as New York, that have a taken an active role in stopping gun violence in their locales by creating awareness and quantifying the effect on communities and families. As a predominantly African-American City, solving the issue of gun violence must be a priority due to the leading cause of death for African-Americans aged 25-34 being homicide committed by firearm.

As a part of her efforts, Council Member Sheffield has planned several events and agreed to participate in others throughout the month of June to raise awareness and address the issue head on. On June 1st, she joined U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, Mayor Duggan, Kim Worthy and several other law enforcement officers as they announced a new initiative to prosecute convicted felons in possession of guns. On June 19th, the Councilwoman will kick of her first full season of “Occupy the Corner – Detroit” which aims to pump resources and hope into communities struggling with crime, gun violence in particular, in an effort to curb the number of Detroiters being victimized by this epidemic. On June 25th, Council Member Sheffield will once again partner with the Butzel Family Center and the Detroit Recreation Department to sponsor the annual Safe Summer Youth Jam which will also include a youth violence summit sponsored by Detroit Police Chief Craig.

While I am proud to have led the effort to have June declared Gun Violence Awareness Month in Detroit, our efforts must extend beyond ceremonious proceedings and move into the streets. To that end, we must also realize violence affects our community everyday of every month. Thus, I pledge to stay vigilant on the issue of gun violence and its root causes 365 days a year,” exclaimed Council Member Sheffield.

This resolution, declaring June Gun Violence Awareness Month, will represent the time in Detroit’s History when Elected Officials, Law Enforcement and Detroiters come together to make a conscious decision to eradicate violence from our community and protect our children from peril at the hands of gun wielding criminals. To learn more about joining the efforts and attending the upcoming events please contact Council Member Sheffield’s office at (313)224-4505 or


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