Beauty Break: Out with old…In with the new

Let’s face it! We are all super excited to see the return of the warm sunny days. Here in Michigan, we have an all out “praise dance ritual” when the sun consistently shines on a daily basis! Keeping that in mind, we do have some preparation to do to ready ourselves for funning and sunning. Here are five tips that will help you to say GOODBYE to last season and HELLO to sun-shining days.
1. Love the skin you are in
With the shift in temperature, our bodies react to the change. It can be a great thing,but, it can also stimulate the skins’ functions, namely the function that stimulates your skins natural ability to produce/ over produce oil! If your face is excessively oily (as if you could fry a whole chicken in the oil from your skin) you may want to consider investing in a salicylic gel cleanser to help fight the over production of oil and balance your sebaceous gland while killing bacteria. I love the Image skin care Clear Cell Line sold at Beauty Regime in Troy.
2.The cosmetic clean out
You know that dark matte lipstick you wore during the winter and the fall? Yeah! That’s the one I’m referring to. LET IT GO! LOL! Lets move on to brighter color options with a glossy luster. Softer blush colors. Shimmering shadows. Let’s store away all the darker, heavier colors for a dewey shimmering bronzy look. Your “selfie” audience on IG and FB will love you for it!
3. Sugar me
Sugar is a natural humectant. It’s an awesome way to exfoliate the skin on your body and even you lips. It’s simple. Just add your favorite oil (I like almond) and an essential oil aroma you prefer (I prefer Jasmine) to a cup of sugar. Wash you body like you usually do, then step out of the water flow and scrub until you are content. Rinse and pat yourself dry. Voilà! You’re ready for the world!
4. Feet don’t fail me, now!
I’m super active in the summer months. I have to get out in the sun while the getting is GOOD! Add some vanilla & peppermint essential oil to an unscented creme to use on your feet and legs after a long day of walking,biking,hiking,and running away from hoards of your Twitter fans!
5. Red Carpet Ready
Events…Concert… Party after party… We wanna look our best. Get a facial. Clean those unwanted nasty little critters we all know as “blackheads”. In my opinion, professional exfoliation is a must! Once a month is my recommendation and an awesome way to ward off damage created by the sun. Try the a Fitness Facial by Ultraluxe skin care This “Beauty Bootcamp”option won’t leave you disappointed. (
Now, that you have your “marching orders”, enjoy the summer. It won’t last forever. Go grasshopper!

Mya Campbell had the desire to establish a skin care studio with a comfortable, warm, and friendly environment for her clients to relax and tend to their skin care needs. She was trained at the well-known Catherine Hinds Institute in Boston, MA and performed various cosmedical treatments with renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and med spas.
She is licensed in 5 states, has been an esthetics instructor, an accomplished nail Tech, Makeup Artist, and an educator for well known skin care product lines


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