Why Reading Matters: WCCCD Chancellor Ivery’s reading crusade

kidsStudies after studies have established an undeniable universal fact: reading is essential to the intellectual and social growth of any child. That children can express themselves better, and relate to their peers in a healthy way when their reading skills are developed. That their communication skills and discipline are enhanced if they can communicate skillfully regardless of the environment because their reading concentration is growing.

Because of this, Wayne County Community College District Chancellor Dr. Curtis Ivery developed what is now called the “Chancellor’s Reading Carnival for Children.”

Now in its eight season, this year’s reading carnival held May 16 at WCCCD’s downtown campus featured storytelling and exciting interactive programs, carnival rides, inflatable bouncers, moon walks and reading slides along with refreshments, face painting and activities that rounded out the Reading Carnival. At the end of the program, children from pre-K to sixth grade had books and backpacks to take home with

“Strong literacy skills are closely tied to academic and career success, and better quality of life,” Ivery said. “The health, safety and welfare of entire families are compromised by illiteracy. Illiteracy tends to be intergenerational, resulting in poor academic performance, and higher school dropout rates among school-age children in homes where caregivers cannot read.”

Ivery said fundamental to success in almost every endeavor is the ability to read.

“From being able to understand directions on as prescription bottle to analyzing complex legal documents, reading is essential. Without the ability to read well, the enjoyment of traveling to far lands, absorbing the words of poets, spending time with great writers and reading about the histories of the world, all while sitting in a chair, cannot be had,” the chancellor noted. “The earlier one masters the skills of reading, the better the opportunities that will present themselves. That’s why for the past several years we have sponsored an event that is focused on young children but also others in their lives.”



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