Meet Kendrick Lamar’s fiancee Whitney Alford (photos)


Grammy-winning singer Kendrick Lamar recently confirmed that he is getting married to longtime girlfriend Whitney Alford.

On the famed “Breakfast Club” morning show, the musician opened up about Alford, saying, “She’s been here since Day 1.” 

He echoed those sentiments in Friday’s interview, describing the importance of always having “real people” around you. 

“Everybody that’s been around me has been around since Day 1 and I can’t change that. I don’t change for nobody,” Lamar said. “People that have been by your side – you’re supposed to honor that.” 

Lamar and Alford have been dating for nearly a decade; the two met when they were in high school. Rumors began to circulate that the two were betrothed after Alford showed up to an album signing event for Lamar wearing a giant rock on her ring finger.

Here is how Lamar described Alford during an interview with Billboard: “I wouldn’t even call her my girl. That’s my best friend. I don’t even like the term that society has put in the world as far as being a companion — she’s somebody I can tell my fears to.”

Alford is so comfortable around him that she easily and frequently chides him, even in front of a New York Times reporter:

Lamar usually commands from others a low-key deference (I later asked him if he could recall the last time he wasn’t the alpha figure in the room, and he replied, smiling, “It’s been a while”), but Alford was so at ease sassing him that at first I thought she was his sister. When someone suggested that the group make a party stop in Miami after the tour headed south in a few days, Lamar said, “I just don’t think I could ever throw around money at the club.”

“Why, are you too cheap?” Alford responded.

“Hell, yeah!” he called out proudly.

Take a look at some of the photos of the recently engaged couple.


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