Food Review: Go! Sy Thai Located in Midtown Detroit

Ay SahThai

What’s better than Thai Food?  A brand new Thai Restaurant in Midtown Detroit of-course.  Not even a year old, the word got out fast about a new place cooking up some mighty good Asian Cuisine in the area.   Curious about what this place had to offer, I made a pit stop to Go Sy Thai located on Cass Avenue prior to attending a networking engagement.
Assuming there would be ample room and space for one to sit down and dine on a Monday; man was I wrong! Filled to the max with locals and college students wanting to place “to go orders” or dine in, this gave me the opportunity to look over their menu several times.
My first instinct was to select the Panang. Made with bell peppers, eggplant, and green coconut curry.    Geared towards satisfying  the Spicer side of my taste buds; just when I was about to place my order, I change my mind and decided on the Egg Noodle dish.  Made with peapods, carrots, baby corn and a hint of garlic soya sauce; I requested a little beef be added as well.
The combination of crisp steamed vegetables were absolutely delectable and full of authentic flavor.  The garlic soya mixed with the beef made this selection quite a hit.  The Egg Noodles were steamed perfectly.  An avid fan of Thai Food, my preference or personal choice usually with a Thai dish is the Drunken Noodle.  Thanks to tasting the Egg Noodle for the very first time at Go Sy Thai; I’ve had an edible change of heart.  Highly impressed with the food and atmosphere, I recommend everyone give them a try.
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