Drink green 3 ways at Punch Bowl Social

Drink Green

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean green beer at Detroit’s newest gastro dine

Set down the artificially-died ale. Chris Housholder, Punch Bowl Social-Detroit’s beverage manager, suggests you hold the green beer this St. Patrick’s Day and instead offers three great ways to cheers with friends on March 17th,  They come straight from the gastro diner’s innovative drinks menu. What’s more – some options are alcohol-free and can be enjoyed by all.

For those who grew up in sheer minty anticipation of a certain popular green milkshake, there’s a grown-up way to go that’s just as big on flavor, if not artificially colored. Punch Bowl Social’s Milk-Xologist 4 offers a treat for the senses. The boozy milkshake combines flavors meant for those with discerning tastes like Branca Menta and St. George Coffee Liquor along with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh mint to create a delicate, minty, delicious combination that looks as good as it tastes. The only green you find here is a fresh mint leaf on top.
For those interested in something sans alcohol, or perhaps a cleansing juice just before or after a St. Patty’s Day celebration, Punch Bowl Social in Detroit offers up a menu of freshly squeezed juices. Among them, The Sharpest makes for a great green pick derived from apple, cucumber and lime juices.
Another alcohol-free option, the Cucumber Lavender Fizz invites St. Patrick’s Day revelers of all ages to celebrate with its mix of house-made lavender syrup, cucumbers and sparkling water. It’s a refreshing treat to the senses.


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