DDOT driver arrested in assault on female passenger

Detroit (Feb. 3) – A DDOT driver was arrested by an alert Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy moments after the officer saw the driver striking a female passenger. The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. near the Northwest Campus of WCCCD on Outer Drive near the Southfield Freeway.
The bus had reached the end of its route when the driver asked the three remaining female passengers to leave. The trio allegedly began complaining about continuing on when the driver re-stated that it was the end of the line and that they had to leave as he was going to take a scheduled break.
Two of the females got off the bus and as the third exited the steps words were exchanged and the driver allegedly grabbed the woman and pulled her back on the bus. That is when the female stated the driver began attacking her in a physical altercation. A WCS deputy completing a perimeter check at WCCCD saw the driver hitting the female. He rushed to the bus, ordered the driver to stop and when the driver failed to comply the WCS officer used non-lethal chemical spray to get the driver to stop. It is not known if the individuals were known to one another.
Upon arrest the officer confiscated a handgun from the driver who had a valid CPL (though it is against regulations for DDOT drivers to carry weapons while driving). A DDOT supervisor responded to the scene, along with a Deputy Chief and two officers from the Transit Authority and WCCCD security. Both the female and the driver refused medical attention. The driver was transported to the Wayne County Road Patrol division for processing and determination of possible charges. No other information is available at this time.


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