Butt Shots Gone Bad: A Gallery of Deformed Booties

Atlanta Daily World recently spoke with a former boss of the booming booty boosting business, author Kim Smedley, whose illicit injections of thousands of women across the country turned her into a millionaire but also landed her in federal prison for three years.
Smedley relayed to this editor that the underground posterior pumping pandemic began as a craze among transvestites, but then slowly bled into the strip club genre and eventually attracted the attention of scores of celebrity females. Before long, everyday urban female lawyers, doctors, teachers and bored housewives were literally lining up and shelling out thick stacks to get that coveted “onion” or “bubble” booty shape that men crave.
The author, now reformed and completely renouncing the practice, chronicles her experience in her explosive book, The Back Side of the Story.
There have been tragic results as Smedley also shared. Even though she was not responsible for any deaths or deformities, some women going to other back-alley street doctors for injections became deformed because the practitioners were sticking women with an assortment of weird, if not dangerous, concoctions. Smedley also shared stories of other butt-injectors whose needles full of toxic contents killed their customers.
Take a look at some of the most unfortunately deformed women with caked cabooses, including some celebrities, who got their bums boosted badly.


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