A charity that's making a difference: “National Kidney Foundation of Michigan”

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan has been recognized as the nation’s top-rated charity in the category of Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines by Charity Navigator, and Huffington Post top-rated charity that changed the world in 2014. Their key goal is to prevent disease and improve the quality of life for those living with it.
Created in 1955, NKFM focuses on the causes of kidney disease which are obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Since, they have informed the public about theses causes increasing awareness among the community. Their efforts have changed legislation, ensured quality care for patients, and advance medical knowledge.
Through their programs NKFM has enhanced the lives of many Michigan residents through their patient services, prevention programs, education programs, children’s programs and research.
Last year, their 10th Annual Kidney Ball raised over $500,000 to help fight kidney disease. This year, The National Kidney Foundation will continue their efforts to promote a healthier community through prevention and awareness.


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