Walker-Miller Energy Services Honored as Cool Place to Work

It has been a busy year for Walker-Miller Energy Services in Detroit’s Midtown. The fast-growing company’s owner and CEO Carla Walker-Miller is pleased to announce that they were recently honored as by Crain’s Detroit on its Business’ List of Cool Places to Work in Michigan.
The recognition comes at the end of an exciting year of growth for Walker-Miller Energy Services and staff. Businesses were chosen for the honor based on findings from Best Companies Group, based in Harrisburg, Pa., as well as the weighted results of a 72-question survey of employers and employees.
“It’s so good to have those moments when you know you are having an impact,” says vice president Melanie Steele. “This type of recognition reminds us that, if we make it a priority, we can reshape and positively influence how our employees interact with our customers as well as with each other.”
Companies recognized as Cool Places to Work in Michigan demonstrated a keen understanding of the value of a dedicated workforce. By offering flexibility while also empowering employees to make the most of their workload, Walker-Miller Energy Services has excelled in the attraction and retention of happy employees.
“I never underestimate the value of an appreciated workforce,” says Walker-Miller. “I find that dedication to employees not only promotes an upbeat and emotionally mature work environment, it also positively affects every aspect of the business.”
Walker-Miller Energy Services made several new hires in 2014 and plans to make at least five more in 2015.

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