Herb Strather and Partners awarded for Excellence in Real Estate Development

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On Nov. 18, Scripp Park Associates received the 2014 Detroit Community Development Award for Excellence in Real Estate Development. In 2001, Strather and his partners were selected by the Detroit Housing Commission to redevelop two of the most distressed public housing projects in Detroit, Jeffries Homes West and Jeffries Homes East.
At the time, the communities were crime riddled with dilapidated buildings and obsolete. Today, the two communities are known as Woodbridge Estates and Cornerstone Estates, consisting of modern homes with energy efficient amenities, mixed-income communities, community buildings, and parks. A signature of Detroit’s Transformation and is now a place people are proud to call home.
Strather, who was born and raised in Detroit, considers Woodbridge and Cornerstone Estates to be one of his most prized accomplishments, as it is signature of his life-long dream of “Redeveloping the D.” A known philanthropist and Founder of over 144 Optimist Clubs for the youth, Strather has had a vision of educating and empowering the next generation of urban developers who will see to it that Detroit takes back it’s proper place in the world.
Recently, Strather founded the non-profit organization, Detroit Bundle Group, Inc. a 501c3 in efforts of successfully moving forward with his vision for the City of Detroit neighborhoods. His plan of action is to collaborate with the community organizational leaders, Churches, non-profit CDCs and citizens of Detroit to empower, educate, and advocate on behalf of the citizens. The Detroit Bundle Group is Taking Back the D! and their first project is the addressing the Appraisal Management Companies and Lenders illegal appraisal practices.
You are invited to join the Detroit Bundle Group at https://detroitbundlegroup.com and express how you would like to be a part of the community redevelopment for Detroit neighborhoods. You may also join the Movement to Take Back the D! at https://takebackthed.com. Get educated and empowered with knowledge at Strather Academy – https://stratheracademy.com.

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