Fidelis Secure Care Offers Services to Fill the Quality Gap

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As we grow into our golden years we want to enjoy everything retirement has to offer including a bill of good health. Though we do our best to create that outcome, sometimes the odds are not in our favor. What we did in our younger years comes back to bite us later showing up as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes just to name a few of the possible maladies. For some, even after working 30 plus years, making ends meet every month can be a challenge in itself as well. Medical visits, prescriptions, and transportation cut a huge chunk out of retirement savings and social security.
Fidelis Secure Care is a Michigan based insurance company with offices in the New Center One building. Fidelis understands the needs of its community and provides affordable medicare advantage plans for Part C to fill in the prescription gaps insurance does not cover. Currently Medicare becomes available after ten years of employment of after 24 months of being on disability.
Medicare Part A pays 80 percent of hospital stays and Part B pays 80 percent of medical treatments. The remaining 20 percent falls into the lap of the patient, often causing them to incur enormous medical bills. Fidelis helps to bridge that gap and offers plans that include vision, dental and transportation. “People know about these services, but it’s the understanding of them that’s missing. It can be very difficult for people to break it down in laymen’s terms and our company is here to help. We are here to educate, not just enroll members”, says vice president of sales and marketing Bill Lineman.
Most people don’t retire to be sick. They want to enjoy their lives upon retirement. “We want to build a relationship with the people so they can maintain their independence for as long as possible, while at the same time answering their questions which in turn reduces frustration,”says Edward Anthony Hayes, a Fidelis health plan consultant.
Fidelis’ members receive quality healthcare, treatment with dignity and respect, straight talk from providers, and all the services members are entitled to. The goal is ensure that its members receive services to enhance the rest of their lives.
Also ask about Fidelis Secure Home which is a concierge medicine clinic for low income seniors.
Visit or call 1.855.753.8179 for more information.


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