Campus Martius Returns This Weekend

Campus MartiusDetroit, MI- With winter making its’ return and the cold weather steadily making its’ rounds everyday now, why not go ice skating? The Rink at Campus Martius Park will be making its’ long anticipated return this Friday with its’ annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. The Tree Lighting Ceremony happens every year the weekend before Thanksgiving that kicks off the holiday season with, skating performances, attractions, great food, and of course public skating at the end of the night. For first time comers, this is a great sight to see as Detroit is now on the rise after being declared out of bankruptcy a few weeks ago. With the sounds of Christmas music being played and the Christmas lights shining brightly, it is the sort of magical night that can brighten anybody’s day.
The cost to skate at Campus Martius is $10 and it is good for all day as long as you keep the wrist band on you at all times. If you bring your own skates, you do not have to pay the $3 skate rental charge, just the admission charge only. Adults are charged $7 admission and seniors and children are charged $6 admission. Public skating does not start until 9pm after the tree is lit for the first time and after the performances that happen on the ice beforehand. For people who have never been ice skating at Campus Martius, the rink does close for the season until the early part of March, so if you cannot stop by during Christmas season, there are many chances to go before March.
The annual Winter Blast Festival will also be making its’ return to Campus Martius in February and of course there will be many attractions during that weekend as well. From the 100 foot snow slide, to the elephants ears, and of course more public ice skating, the good times just keep rolling in for the city of Detroit. Tell a friend who lives in the city or others that live around Metro Detroit, good times are coming and from now on they are here to stay. Even if you’re not a good ice skater, it is always a good time to try something new and make the most out of it with the ones you care about the most.


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