Judge Accused of Interfering With Intern Investigation

simpson_mainAccording to online reports, Ypsilanti’s District Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson has been accused of interfering in a drunken driving case involving his intern.
The complaint filed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission against Simpson, says he’s accused of hampering a police investigation when his intern and law student, Crystal Vargas, was involved in a two-vehicle crash during the early-morning hours of Sept. 8, 2013.
He’s accused of going to the scene in Pittsfield Township when Vargas called him on his cellphone and interfering with a sobriety test.
According to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, Simpson denies having a personal relationship with Vargas. Stating that their relationship was strictly professional and their contact was limited to group settings.
However, the complaint continued to state that there were 10,000 texts and phone calls between the two during August and November 2013. The complaint also alleges Simpson’s statements regarding the relationship to the commission were false.
The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission does not have authority to press any criminal charges against Simpson, however they have to power to remove him from the bench.
Simpson’s trial is upcoming.


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