OXG TV’s Preachers of LA’s Myesha Chaney Announces Detroit Tour for “Hiding Behind the Lipstick”

pxygenOxygen TV’s “Preachers of L.A.” reality star Myesha Chaney is a busy woman these days and she has a serious message to share in her new book “Hiding Behind the Lipstick.”  Myesha will be in Detroit promoting her book Friday, November 14 to Sunday, November 16. 
Myesha will be taping an interview at the Word Network on Friday, Nov 14 at 7 PM and on Saturday, Nov 15 at a Hiding Behind the Lipstick event at Go Tell It Ministry at 6 PM.
Hiding Behind the Lipstick was inspired by unearthing the chronicle and transformational stories of women across the country sharing her message to encourage women to take off the masks they show to the world and reveal their true selves as she traveled worldwide as a motivational speaker.
Myesha Chaney is starring in Oxygen Network hit show Preachers of L.A. with her husband Senior Pastor, Wayne Chaney; as well as a radio personality, recording artist, songwriter, worship leader, wife, mother, entrepreneur and now author.  She has never been a stranger to being a balancing act of pursuing her divine purpose.
From Long Beach, CA, Myesha serves as Executive Director and First Lady to husband and Senior Pastor, WayneChaney, of the Antioch Church of Long Beach.
Myesha’s relentless desire to touch and change lives has been at the core of her brand’s diaspora and the one commonality that connects the many facets of her growing empire. Her passion for ministry is at the heart and soul of the music she creates,the messages she delivers, and the leadership she exemplifies.


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