Governor Snyder Wins Second Term

snyderDetroit, MI- On a night where “Sweet Home Alabama” was playing, it seemed like the right song for Governor Rick Snyder, as he was welcomed home for a second term Tuesday night. Governor received 51 percent of the vote in what was a tight race all night. Democratic nominee Mark Schauer received 47 percent of the vote in what I’m sure was a disappointing night for the Democratic Party. In an election where a lot of young people came out to vote, the race for Governor became more of a dog fight than people originally thought it to be. Governor Snyder came under fire during his first term for cutting benefits for the elderly and then cutting away funding for school programs. The African-American community was also not in favor for Governor Snyder because of his inability to make Detroit a safer place in terms of crime control.
Ironically, The Governor decided to hold his victory party in Detroit Marriot in downtown Detroit. After talking to a few people, they all told me that what they hope to expect from Snyder is that he continue what he’s done in his first term. Some areas where they hope he can improve on is being able to cut more jobs in the short term that could lead to more jobs for both the middle class and the upper class. Other categories that people hope Governor Snyder can improve on is his fight into making sure that children in the state of Michigan has a great opportunity for a better education than ever before. The Republican Party has plenty to celebrate last night as they were able to retain many seats in Congress and that they were able to mostly keep the Senate, Republican.
Bobby Shostak, the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party offered his congratulations to the Governor. Congratulations to Governor Rick Snyder, who ran an exceptional re-election campaign that stayed positive, factual and focused on one mission — continuing Michigan’s comeback. The progress we have seen in the last four years is outpacing the rest of the nation, and we owe it to the leadership we have in place today,” Shostak said. “Governor Snyder, Lieutenant Governor Calley, and the rest of our Comeback Team, will continue moving this state forward over the next four years, and we’ll look back on today and realize we made future generations brighter with this governor’s re-election.”
Now with the election over, it’s now time to get back to work and see what the future may hold for the state of Michigan.


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