Detroit Lions Fans Talks How to Host the Ultimate Tailgate Party

detroit lions tailgate

“There is no party like a Detroit tailgate party because a Detroit tailgate party don’t stop,” was the remark given by a Detroit Lions fan when asked about the infamous tailgating parties at Eastern market.  Thousands of Detroit Lions fans flood the streets of downtown for the Sunday games which are attracting more and more fans and tailgaters as the teams record improves, especially after the last couple spectacular games against the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta falcons in London.
However, not everyone in attendance choses to be in the stadium. Instead they create their own front row seats, outside. Tailgating has been an ongoing tradition since the 1800’s. Students attended collegiate sporting events wearing their school colors, bringing food and drinks to the game as a social networking event. As the tradition grows and becomes more sophisticated with loaded RV’s and high-tech cooking technology, Detroit tailgaters give their advice on how to host the ultimate tailgating party.
Tip #1: one is to have a party bus, RV or trailer that can hold all the party favors and includes a bathroom. Finding a bathroom at these events can be daunting, especially when you really have to go. Tents and canopy’s are highly suggested as well. Preferably big enough that you can see the Logo from the sky.
Tip #2: Show up early and reserve your spot. Although some games start in the evening, you want to give yourself ample time for parking, setting up the space and preparing the food for guests.
Tip 3: Have a massive projection TV or flat screen with surround sound speakers to watch the Lions up close and personal. You will feel like your in the game.
Tip 4: Offer a variety of mouth watering foods and a big gas grill to cook it on. The top food suggestions were ribs, chicken, fish, sausages (polish sausage, hot and sweet Italian sausage, bratwurst) and hamburgers. Don’t forget the side dishes to tie it all together.
Tip 5: Be sure to have all the beer, alcohol and other refreshments you can drink – responsibly. Enjoy the time spent with family and friends. It’s the camaraderie as well as the team support and the magic needed to have the ultimate tailgate party.
Remember, tailgating is an art form and not for the faint of heart. Die-hard fans pride themselves on throwing the best tailgates and write the book for future up and comings. For that we thank you.

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