Elect Totten, Dillard AG and SOS on Nov. 4

dillard-tottenAside from governor, the two most important elected officials in our state are the Attorney General and Secretary of State. Both carry enormous influence and their decisions can have far ranging impact on the lives of Michiganders and Detroiters alike.

The Attorney General is charged with enforcing the laws of the state and issuing legal opinions on crucial matters, and the Secretary of State serves as the chief election officer, assuring the welfare of our electoral process. The occupants of these two offices must demonstrate true professionalism and less partisanship.

We believe that Mark Totten, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, is more suited to serve as Michigan’s next AG rather than the current GOP AG, Bill Schuette, who has demonstrated more partisanship than we expected.

Schuette’s insistence on using taxpayer dollars to challenge the legality of the Obamacare law before the U.S. Supreme Court was nothing but partisanship on display.

His insistence on challenging affirmative action was also divisive and uncalled for given the impact that affirmative action has on African Americans, Latino and other students of color.

Though Schuette has rightfully tackled sex trafficking and cracked down on crime syndicates, his willingness to put partisanship before the law as displayed in the affirmative action and Obamacare cases gives us pause about a second term for him.

Totten has promised to make the office of the Attorney General devoid of partisan battles, making it a theater for some of the most explosive political issues. He will champion prisoner re-entry programs and work to prevent crime, not just react to it.

As the next Secretary of State, Godfrey Dillard wants to make the office more efficient and customer service friendly. Our current SOS offices have become a nightmare for many customers who stand in long lines waiting to be serviced.

Dillard has promised to make needed reforms in making voting easier and also expanding access to the ballot box. In a democracy the right to vote should be expanded, not limited, and Dillard will do just that.

Campaign finance, which has been a major issue across the country, will also be a priority issue for a Dillard administration. A trained and respected lawyer, he will fight to shine light on dark money in our political system.

Voters should retire current Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, and replace her with Godfrey Dillard on Nov. 4 while also making Mark Totten the next Attorney General.


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