Mayor Duggan and Schauer Campaign at Eastern Market

Schauer-DugganDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan is making it clear where he stands in a contentious gubernatorial campaign where several polls have put incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder in a tie with Democratic nominee Mark Schauer.

Duggan, last weekend on Oct. 4, pounded the political pavement for Schauer at the Eastern Market, wearing a Schauer sticker and talking to voters about the Democratic candidate for governor.

Duggan coming out for Schauer lays speculation to rest that the mayor would not be campaigning for the top Democratic ticket to avoid upsetting his relationship with Snyder, especially with the city being under an emergency manager.

But Duggan’s public campaign with Schauer comes one week after emergency manager Kevyn Orr relinquished the reigns of government to the mayor and city council.

Schauer arrived at Eastern Market in his campaign RV, branded with the slogan, “A Michigan that works for everyone, not just the wealthy” and his campaign logo. He stepped out of the RV into a crowd of Detroiters and Michiganders who were looking forward to engaging him and the mayor.

Both men visited different booths and stalls, talking with merchants and their customers about their concerns and hopes for the state.

Their joint campaign in Detroit is a few days away from First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance at Music Hall Oct. 10 where she is expected to canvass support for Schauer, U.S. Senate candidate Gary Peters and the entire 2014 Democratic ticket.

“This is the best part of my job, meeting the people of Michigan and listening to them talk about the issues that matter to them and their families,” Schauer said. “Whenever I talk with Michiganders, I’m reminded that Rick Snyder’s policies work for the wealthy and well-connected, but they don’t work for the rest of us. As governor, I’ll work to build an economy that works for everyone.”


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