Golden Brooks Talks ‘Hollywood Divas’ Drama and Potential ‘Girlfriends’ Film

Golden Brooks On Hollywood Divas Drama & Girlfriends Film
Golden Brooks is one of five stars on “Hollywood Divas.” She’s sharing the spotlight with reality star Lisa Wu and actresses, Countess Vaughn, Paula Jai Parker and Elise Neal — all of which starred in some of your favorite TV sitcoms, reality shows and movies.
But with “Hollywood Divas” set to premiere on TV One (tonight at 10pm Eastern), there is bound to be lots of drama between the divas. Brooks opened up to Madame Noire about her work, starring on the reality show, the state of black women on TV, a potential “Girlfriends” movie and of course, the reality drama.
“I’ve been very traditional with my career. I did “Girlfriends,” a scripted show, for almost a decade. It was such a great opportunity for me as an actress just to grow and play this amazing character. So many people resonate with Maya and I love that.”
Although, she’s using the reality platform to showcase her many talents in the entertainment industry, the drama of reality TV made her a little nervous.
“I was so nervous [laughs]. Cause when you think reality, you think girls pulling each others weaves out and ‘You stole my man’ and all that. Look, I’m not going to lie, there are elements of a little reality in there–a little cattiness–cause you have to keep it entertaining. And as an actress you always think ‘Oh God, is this going to discredit me?’
Brooks added, “but I really have to say, I am so proud of what we did. I’m proud of working with the other girls. There are pieces that I’m scared about. I’m not going to lie. I don’t know how it’s going to come together, but I just have to go with God. It’s done now [laughs]. ”
“I feel like, Lisa Wu and I in the beginning, there is that friction. What have you done? How are you really adding anything to this? Yeah, there is that preconception. And here’s the thing. It’s not really the reality star as much as it is the people who are calling the shots.”
She added, “so in the beginning she and I, what she represents to me, as an actress who has done it the old-fashioned way, is something that’s less than someone who has actually trained. But I think over the course of the show, you see that she and I unravel some of our issues. Our little kinks [laughs].”
As for a “Girlfriends” reunion, fans might have to hold off on that. But Brooks keeps in touch with the cast and crew, she would be opened to doing a movie.
“Tracee was basically like, “I think we’re too old. Do we even look the same?” I know I look good [laughs]! But no, um, I think because “Girlfriends” ended in such a way, it ended during the writers strike and so Mara Brock Akil wasn’t able to finish all the storylines. So the fans were kind of left open-ended. As for a movie, I would always be open to a movie.”
“Hollywood Divas” premiere’s tonight at 10pm Eastern on TV One.



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