Detroit Female Golfers Making History

golfZoe Ann McDonald, Jackie Vaughn, Gloria Larkins and Terry Truvillion
On October 10-11, 2014, four local African American female golfers will play in the Executive Women Golfers Association (EWGA) National Championship in Nashville, Tennessee at the Hermitage Golf Course. Led by team captain Jacquelyn Vaughn, the Scramble team members include Zoe Ann McDonald, Terry Truvillian and Gloria Larkins; substititute for Larkins is Dr. Amy Parker, DDS.
This two-day event brings female golfers from throughout the United States and Canada together for a tough competition weekend. The Detroit team, who use the name “Detroit Divot Divas,” will represent Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Canada for the upper Midwest region. They progressed to 1st place in a regional competition which took place in August 2014 at Twin Lakes where they shot a score of 66 which placed them in the national competition.
Detroit Divot Divas – The Team
Jacquelyn Vaughn is an avid golfer and the past author of the golf articles featured in the Michigan Chronicle called “Ladies on the Green.” She is on the board for EWGA, a member of Tee Set Golf Club and has won several tournaments. She is the owner of the White House Services, Inc. a company that provides residential care for traumatic brain injured clients as well as other auto related injuries. She is married to Eric Whitaker, the owner of Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, and the mother of two, Jami and Lewis Vaughn. She is leading this team to victory.
Zoe Ann McDonald is an entrepreneur in the healthcare profession and has owned pain management centers as well as other campaigns. Currently she is a senior citizens patient advocate. She is in love with the game of golf and is pleased to have found lifelong friendships as well as victories through golf. She too is a member of Tee Set Golf Club.
Terry Truvillian is the superintendent of New Beginnings Academy in Ypsilanti. She has been an educator for many years and a born athlete with many awards in basketball, racquetball, softball and golf. She is new to EWGA. She loves the camaraderie golf offers. She is determined to make Detroit proud of DDD by winning the upcoming competition.
Amy Parker was gracious to step in and substitute for Gloria Larkins who was unable to play in the national competition. Larkions is a CPA; controller for DMC; a member of Tee Set and past board member of EWGA. Parker is a well-known pediatric dentist in Detroit. Her 18-year passion for golf is demonstrated by her list of accomplishments in the game. She practices often. You can find her on a golf course with her earplugs listening to her favorite jazz and hitting the ball long and straight. She is also a member of Tee Set and EWGA. She was a welcome addition to the team.
Cheers for Detroit Divot Divas. They encourage other female golfers to continue playing golf. DDD is truly the making of history for African Americans females in golf.


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