Oprah Winfrey’s ‘The Life You Want Weekend’ Hits Home

Thousands of Oprah’s guests kicked off the first stop of “ Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend” tour with a bang! On Friday, the guests braved Atlanta’s heat and had the chance to be interactive and experience O Town, a pop up town square at Centennial Park. Thanks to Toyota, Bounty, Olay,  and numerous other sponsors guests had the chance to experience food and celebration, massages, makeovers, an exciting hub of music, and an array of different activities.   Ray Cornelius of Atlanta said, “O Town was quite an interactive experience and it was filled with laughter and positive vibrations throughout … all indicators of a great weekend. “
Tens of thousands of Oprah’s guests waited excitedly in line in stifling and muggy heat in excitement while waiting to spend an intimate evening with her.
Nadine Henry –Blake, a Metro Atlanta nurse and mom of four said“ I am hoping to get a different perspective on life and learn what I can from everyone on the panel.” Clarity and perspective was the consensus of the guests’ purpose for attending the first stop of the tour.
Dr. Heavenly Kimes, “Married to Medicine” reality star said that she was ready to hear something new and different.
Denna Babul’s of Atlanta purpose for attending was to “eat.pray.learn.”
Once guests  checked in through security and escaped the heat, they had the chance to “Go Boldly” with Toyota. Toyota had a postcard station set up for guests.  Guests were given stamped postcard to write notes and challenge themselves, a loved one or a friend. Guests wrote notes to themselves and others of how to live “Boldly,” embrace individuality, and dare to pursue anything.  Cora Myles, a recent widow from Sierra Vista, Arizona’s said that her purpose was live boldly and “start a new journey to life.” She hoped to leave this weekend with a renewed mindset.
While others stood in line waiting to write postcards other guests met with Adam and Jackie to sign up for O’s Circle of Friends — an exciting new membership club featuring exclusive perks and privileges designed to deepen the guests connections to the world of O. VIP and Premium guests sat around chatting about their great gifts from Olay, Mophie, Tieks, Spanx, Uber,
Although there is a tour stop in Seattle, Washington, Gabriel Gargan, an opera singer from Seattle could not wait. He could not wait until November, he traveled to the Atlanta to be inspired.
As the time drew near guests filled the arena to be greeted by Iyanla Vanzant and Gayle King as the strolled the floor to take selfies with the crowd. While guests waited, they were surprised by Oprah’s first audition video from 1983. After the video played and the room went black only for their interactive bracelets to illuminate as Oprah “rose” from the stage in a subtle ode to Maya Angelou.
Oprah took the stage in a bold red dress signifying the power she possesses.
She brought her personal story and insights to life that incited emotional moments from the guests.  Guests laughed, cried, and ponder over their past and future as Oprah took them down memory lane only to lead them to question their futures.
Oprah reminded everyone that, “Everything you’ve ever done and every life you’ve ever touched becomes your legacy.”
Here are some of Oprah’s memorable quotes from Friday night
“People get confused about purpose…the truth is, if you’re living & breathing, you have one.”
“You co-create your life with the energy of your intentions”
“Worrying and fear is trusting in your own power”
“Purpose is spirit seeking expression”
“It’s the ordinary moments that make for an extraordinary life.”
The guests left with a hunger for more only to have their appetite fed more on day 2.



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