‘LAHHATL’s’ Mimi Faust Finally Tells Truth About Sex Tape

When Mimi Faust’s and Nikko’s sex tape exploded on the scene last year, fans of the show quickly looked askance at Faust because her claims that the so-called personal tape was personal did not ring true.
Moreover, people said there were simply too many cameras in the room for there not to have been a film crew present. Initially, Faust initially denied the accusations, she’s finally come clean about the sex tape and has revealed that it was filmed by porn giant Vivid Entertainment.
Faust reveals the big news in a preview clip from tonight’s upcoming episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” after Ariane Davis and Erica Dixon question her again about the sex tape.
“The initial tape was homemade,” Faust told Davis and Dixon, who were both relieved to finally know the truth. “The company said, ‘We don’t have enough footage because it has to be a certain amount of footage to sell.’”
When Dixon asks Faust why she initially lied about the tape, Faust explains that she simply didn’t feel like telling them the truth.
“I didn’t feel like I needed to divulge none [sic] of that from the beginning,” Faust says.
And the drama doesn’t end there for Faust. Rumors have been swirling for months that Nikko is already married to another woman and during tonight’s episode he finally confirms the rumors to Faust.


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