The Greater STEM Vision Comes to Detroit

(Executive Director of DAPCEP Jason Lee , Council member Saunteel Jenkins, President & CEO Dr. Reagan Flowers, API Manager/ External Mobilization Tyra Metoyer, Communications Manager of Shell Oil Company Alan Caldwell)

CSTEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing student achievement gaps in the areas of communication, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (CSTEM) announced that it will be expanding its program into the Midwest and bringing the 2015 CSTEM Challenge Midwest Regional Competition to Detroit.
Business and community leaders, including City Council member Saunteel Jenkins and DAPCEP president Jason Lee, joined Dr. Reagan Flowers, founder and president of CSTEM, at “The Greater STEM Vision for Detroit” breakfast on Tuesday where Dr. Flowers discussed how CSTEM and its curriculum is playing a key role in advancing America’s STEM mission and inspiring students to pursue cutting edge careers.
“CSTEM’s expansion to the Midwest is providing opportunities for STEM stakeholders to leverage the strengths of existing efforts through partnering to cast an even larger net within communities to collectively work in this space,” said Flowers. “The endgame for us is increased student achievement and teacher performance in STEM.  STEM education helps level the playing field for all students when it is equitable and innovative.”
CSTEM Challenge schools will be provided with curriculum, STEM tool-kits, workshops and a national competition experience.  A total of 60 schools, from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada, will be able to participate in the 2015 CSTEM Challenge Midwest Regional.  To solve the CSTEM Challenges, students must engage in project-based learning activities that are aligned to national and state standards.  The six challenges involve programming of wireless remote-controlled robots, geosciences, creative writing, art, film, 3D printing, photography, a STEM quiz bowl and mobile tech.
Registration for schools wishing to participate is currently open and runs through August 28, 2014. Space is still available for Pre-K – 12th grade teams.
The program kicks-off October 25 and culminates with students’ participating in the 2015 CSTEM Challenge Midwest Regional Competition April 10-11 at Cobo Hall alongside the Shell Eco-marathon.
As part of its program, CSTEM also focuses heavily on teacher training.
“Our teachers are on the front lines with our students and should rest comfortably in knowing that they will be provided innovative training, tools, resources, and project-based learning curriculum that is required to successfully connect STEM content to related workforce industries, continually,” affirms Flowers.  “CSTEM is designed for teachers and students to create a sustainable cradle to the college STEM pipeline.”
Since its founding in 2002, CSTEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc. has positively impacted the lives of more than 50,000 students in grades P-12, and trained more than 500 teachers by helping them develop the skills needed to increase the talent pool in STEM related careers. For more information on the “The Greater STEM Vision for Detroit,” email:


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